Habblot Hotel Staff List :-

Joining the Team

So you want that sexy staff badge next to your name in the hotel and on the site? Do you want to join Habblot Hotel's moderation team? Keep your eyes focused on this section and the news -- if we're looking for staff it will be announced there, and surely you won't miss it!

Our aid necessary

Are your credits on? other aid necessary? for that we have the Habbo staffteam, which are 24/7 prepared help you. But sometimes we have it once busy, and get you what later answer on your question, use in the hotel ' ' Blue question sign ' ' with our contact temaken, these only use in need been possible be used

Recognition points

Habblot staff can recognise you from badge' s that you see below,
- Habblot Staff
- Ex-staff

Owner : Izan85

Co-Owner : Azlil@SiPendek / -xShyne

Head Habblot Hotel Staff/Admin/Moderator : .Rene. /MOD-Kixx /

Admin : MoBaTeY / Didi/Arthur* New Adminstrator

Moderator : MOD-Ordin / MOD-Wolfie / MOD-Cloud / MOD-PoiZone/ Military-Colonel

DJ : DJ-Dino


Email Me At :- izan.habbomy@gmail.com

For Staff Application For Now Is Closed

Status : Not Responding

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