Protect yourself on Habblot with these 5 simple Safety Tips :
1.Protect your personal info. Keep your full name, address, phone numbers, photos and school name secret so nobody can scam, bully you or place you in danger.
Keep your pals in pixels. Never meet up with people you only know from the Internet. If someone asks you to meet them, say 'No thanks!' and tell your parents or other trusted adult.
3. Don't be scared to speak up. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or scaring you with threats in Habbo, report them to a moderator using the blue
Ban the cam. You have no control over your photos and webcam images once you share them over the Internet and you can't get them back. They can be altered, posted anywhere and used to bully, blackmail or upset you. Before you post a pic, ask yourself if you would be embarrassed if your mother saw it.
Be a smart surfer. Websites which offer you free furni, credits or pretend to be new Habbo hotels or staff homepages are all scams designed to steal your password. Don't give them your details and never download files from them; they could be keyloggers or viruses!
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